David AlligoodDavid Alligood
Monroe, GA
Email: dalligood@gartlandassociates.com

Covering: Alabama, Florida and Georgia

I was born and raised in Dublin Ga, moved away in 2000 to Social Circle Ga, and now reside in Monroe Ga. As far back as I can remember, over 50yrs I’ve enjoyed anything to do with the outdoors. Fishing with my dad as a kid, then moving on to small game and then deer, hogs and turkeys as I grew older. That foundation set in motion a path for me that I didn’t see for many years. I continue to be an avid fisherman, bowhunter and 3D shooter when time permits. Watching and helping kids is also something I enjoy doing. Sitting with my middle child and watching her take her first deer was as enjoyable and as big a thrill as any I’ve ever had.

I entered the sales side of the outdoor industry later in life than most. I spent 10 years as a staff shooter for one of the major bow brands and spent many weekends doing store promotions, dealer days. I learned a lot about this industry and met some wonderful people in the process. Earlier this year (2019), I was given an opportunity with Gartland & Associates to take over Georgia, Florida and Alabama for them, and represent some of the finest outdoor lines in the country. I bring with me many years of customer service, from both sides of the counter. I am responsible for dealer relations in my 3 states, including but not limited to inventory management, helping find strategies to improve sales in their locations and developing ideas for introducing new lines into their businesses. I also work with the manufacturers to bridge the gap between them and retailers to grow their relationships as new products come to market, helping them decide what might or might not be good for their stores.

I’ve been happily married to my wife Tena, for almost 35 years. We have 3 adult children, and are expecting our first grandchild in May of 2020. My family has been blessed in the short few years that I’ve been involved in the outdoor industry, far beyond what I deserve. To say that I love my job wouldn’t begin to describe my outlook on how I get to make a living and support my family. Every thing that glitters isn’t always gold, but the good far, far outweighs the bad. I look forward to every day, and what challenge each day brings. Being among people with the same perspective I have, makes those days enjoyable and fun! I’m very glad I ended up where I did at the stage in life it happened. It truly is a wonderful thing!