Jeff Roe
Glen Rock, PA
Office: (717) 861-7796
Fax: (717) 861-7796

Covering: Eastern Pennsylvania (East of 15), New Jersey (South of I-95), Maryland, Delaware, Virginia (North of I-64)

I was born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and raised nearby in a small town called Shellsville. I attended Lower Dauphin High School in Hummelstown. In 1982, after graduation I accepted a job in Amarillo, Texas, with Flying J Travel Plaza’s. My responsibilities were staffing and training in the new locations that were being built across the Midwest.

In 1989, I accepted an offer from my father to move back home and join him as a sporting goods sales representative with Sherwood Schoch Associates specializing in the hunting archery industry. My responsibility was managing accounts in West Virginia, Maryland, and Ohio.

I had spent my childhood watching my father prepare to shoot archery competitively, sometimes standing to the side checking timing marks, sometimes standing behind watching arrow flight. We have a hunting camp in Northern Pennsylvania that I shot my first buck hunting with my grandfather in 1976. I have since spent many deer seasons with my father at this camp and hope for many more.

In 2003, when Sherwood Schoch retired and the rest of the group was considering the same, I accepted a position with William J. Gartland and Associates covering the Eastern Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware and south New Jersey territory. My responsibilities include working with manufactures and accounts to address needs and develop new products for the evolving hunting industry. The long term relationships that I have been able to build have enabled me to develop a level of trust that allows me to get the proper products to the proper accounts and help both the manufacturer and retailer maximize profits.

I am married to my beautiful wife Melissa. She understands and supports my love for the outdoors and we have a wonderful daughter Audrey, who is 7. I have a wonderful life and have been blessed in many ways including being able to work in an industry that has been such a large part of my family and includes many of my finest memories.